Go For The Green Golf offers a variety of golf contests to enhance your TV viewing throughout the PGA golf season.

These contests have been around for many years, and every year they continue to grow. So, spread the word to all of your golfing buddies, contest fans, friends and co-workers and invite them to join as well.

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Weekly Elimination Contest

Registration closes Thursday, January 14th at 11:00 AM EST.

This is a contest of skill requiring contestants to select 1 golfer in each event. You can only select a player once throughout the contest and you cannot select the defending tournament champion.

Your selection must finish based on the following results criteria in order to survive and advance otherwise you are eliminated from the contest. If your selection happens to win the event, you will receive a bye for the next subsequent event.

Results Criteria

Event To Advance
Event 1 Make the cut
Event 2 Top 65 + ties
Event 3 Top 60 + ties
Event 4 Top 55 + ties
Event 5 Top 50 + ties
Event 6 Top 45 + ties
Event 7 Top 40 + ties
Event 8 Top 35 + ties
Event 9 Top 30 + ties
Event 10 Top 25 + ties
Event 11 Top 20 + ties
Event 12 Top 15 + ties

The final contestant to have survived is declared the winner.The contest is also over when there are no remaining contestants to have survived.

The contestant who picks the player that finishes best in the final event is declared the winner. If 2 or more contestants have the same best result, they split the pot evenly.

Entry Fee: 
The entry fee for this contest is $30 and is payable before start of play.

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