WGC-Dell Match Play Contest 


Our WGC Dell Match Play contest, is now open for the season. Registration closes Wednesday, March 21st, at 10:30 am EST.

Download Match Play Bracket Worksheet Now

The Tournament field consists of 64 players and is divided into 16 groups of 4. The player with the best record in each of the player groups advances to the Round of 16 for single-elimination match play. Total accumulated points will determine winners.

Points are awarded for each correct result as follows:

Round Robin 1 point
Group Play winner 2 points
Round of 16 3 points
Quarter Finals 4 points
Semi - Finals 5 points
Third Place 6 points
Final 7 points

The top contestants, at the end of official play will be the Final Prize winners. When the Prize Fund exceeds $1,500 the payouts will be as follows:

* First Place 45%
* Second Place 25%
* Third Place 20%
* Fourth Place 10%

otherwise the Prize Fund will be

* First Place 50%
* Second Place 30%
* Third Place 20%

Entry Fee: 
The entry fee for this Contest is $25 payable before start of play.

The following payment options are offered:

Canadian participants ... Interac & Cheque only
International participants ... PayPal & Cheque only

1) Interac

The preferred method of payment is via an Interac E-Mail Money Transfer from your online bank account. Send payment to:

2) PayPal / Credit Card
payments are also accepted. Send payment to:

Please include the PayPal transaction fee of $1.30 per entry. Thank you.

Although we use PayPal as a payment service provider, upon checkout, you may pay with either a PayPal account or a major credit card.

3) Payment by Mail
Payment by cheque, money order & bank drafts are also accepted by mail and must be postmarked before start of play.

Make payment payable to "Séamus Maher" and send by mail or courier to:

Séamus Maher
121 Main Street West
Grimsby, ON L3M 1R5

Entries: There will be no limit of the number of entries to the Contest. Contestants may enter the Contest as many times as they wish, provided they pay the stated entry fee for each of their entries.

Any Contestant whose payment is returned unpaid will be subject to immediate loss of all entries from all Contests.

No responsibility will be accepted for Contestants registrations or selections which are lost, delayed, damaged, not received properly on the web site or misdirected in any other manner in the mail or any other electronic means including the Internet.

Beyond Group Play and in progression, any or all selections submitted in error will be voided. No points will be awarded.

All entries become the property of the Contest Administrator and none will be returned.

There is a 10% Contest administration fee applied to the winners.

This Contest is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the PGA Tour or any other organization.

The Contest Administrator reserves the right to disqualify any contestant or to withdraw or amend the contest at any time in its absolute discretion in case of error, technical problem or any matter interfering with the conduct of the Contest as contemplated by these rules.

The decisions of the Contest Administrator is final on all matters of fact, interpretation, eligibility, procedure and fulfillment. By entering this contest you acknowledge acceptance of all Contest rules and agree to be bound by them.